10 Facts About me:

1. Mila Kunis would play me in my biographical film

2. 90's hip hop is my favorite    

3. You'll never see me wearing pink

4. I love otters & dogs

5. I make amazing Spotify playlists

6. My nickname was Pamster as a child

7. I love the Tiffany blue color

8. If I could do one thing before I die it would be to do a TED Talk

9. I started #footloosefriday on Instagram

10. I love outdoor adventures that include sunrises/sunsets

Brands I have worked on:

Nike, Jordan, Apple, adidas, Portland Clinic, Keen, JELD-WEN, Tillamook, Fred Meyer, Taco Bell, Aramark, Intel, Banner Bank, HP, Girl Effect, TEDx Portland, Alexis Meads, GaRey Apparel & Silhouette Studios.

why hire me?

As a design professional with approximately ten years of experience working with global and local clients, I can be your creative director, art director, lead designer, or project manager. I am a Swiss Army Knife creative that will work directly with you to exceed your expectations and unlock your brand’s potential. I value communication when working with you, and always want to make sure you are comfortable with the end result.