I haven’t posted as much as I had originally intended. Sitting down to write is a practice of patience for me. I had been having a hard time thinking of good topics to write about and didn’t want to write just to post something every week if it wasn’t something I felt driven to write about. I’m all about quality over quantity and I want everything I write about to have depth and meaning to it and to leave you all with something to think about. So here I go, today’s post is all about a topic most of the world including myself seem to battle with and that's the ability to practice patience.

In this day and age we are all so used to getting things immediately. The very idea of waiting for anything has increased anxiety among people who normally never had any anxiety. We’ve all become so accustomed to getting things instantly and the mere idea of having to even wait five minutes drives most of us mad. What I want to focus on in this post is that feeling between the action and the response and what wonderful things can come of it.

Throughout my life I have battled with living in the waiting space. My mind tended to feel so free of certainty that it would create alternative endings so that I could protect myself from what I didn’t know. This affects more than just relationships with people, it had extremely affected my career and blocked me from my full potential.

In the past six months I realized that how I practiced patience was my problem. Since that realization I have explored how I can respond in the waiting space. Here’s my top five methods that have been very helpful in practicing patience while in the waiting space and how they have help:

1. Closing Eyes and Taking Deep Breaths
If you close your eyes and put all your energy on visualizing air coming in your nose and out of your mouth even for just a few minutes, you can calm yourself and just be where you are. This method is an extremely effective solution to taking you from anxious to zen and making waiting in that line tolerable.

2. Appreciate the Moment
We all get so caught up in planning and expectation that we forget about where we are at in that very second and how that moment is all you have at that time—so take it for what it is—it’s the only time you’ll be in that very moment in time so enjoy it. You may meet a new friend or learn something about yourself you didn’t know.

3. Be Positive
My brother is a great example of this—he always takes any situation and sees the positive and how a problem can be fixed when looked at positively. This may sound feel-good and hippie of me to say and I wouldn’t have believed it ayear ago, but negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity. I’ve really taken this method to heart and when a situation looks negative I turn it around and think positively about it and since I have been doing that only good things have come my way.

4. Exercise
There is nothing better than working your body out and for me at least it is a time when my mind is blank and nothing else is interrupting it—plus it’s good for you. It’s like pressing the reset button—we all need it and it creates an uplifting spirit and keeps you healthy, which is a win-win.

5. Create a New Routine
Something I found to be very helpful was establishing a regular visit to my local coffee shop, where I have now developed a “regular customer” status and have established a sense of community with a place in my neighborhood that feels nice and safe and comfortable. This has helped me find new music I like as well as new people to add to my ever-growing fabulous friend family.

Although these may not work for everyone, I have found that by practicing these methods they have made me more successful in my career and relationships and have helped me enjoy “the waiting space.” I still struggle with it and I most likely always will, but for now I can say I feel at peace knowing that I’m OK with not getting an immediate text response back or waiting to hear back from a potential client. A wise friend of mine once pointed out to me that the word response is part of the word responsibility and how we choose to respond to things is the very act of being responsible. I think about that a lot and I think that it’s good to take that to heart when we don’t get what we want immediately.

How will you choose to be responsible while practicing patience?

Thanks for tuning in!